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Mr. Schanz provides legal counsel and representation in connection with these Family Law matters:
–   Dissolution of Marriage and Division of Assets and Debts;
–   Paternity;
–   Child Custody and Visitation;
–   Child Support;
–   Move-away and Relocation;
–   Alimony/Spousal Support;
–   Prenuptial Agreements;
–   Post-Dissolution Modification Proceedings;
–   Contempt Proceedings; and
–   Requests for Attorney’s Fees and Costs.
Additionally, Mr. Schanz has significant experience with various crossover legal issues that arise out of the Family Law context, including Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, and Appellate Law.  It is Mr. Schanz’s unwavering goal to meet and exceed his clients’ expectations. He always strives to accomplish his clients’ goals in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective.  He informs his clients every step of the way, and he makes himself available to discuss their matters.

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Adam did a great job for me. He was fair and honest, and even kept the cost down. He also was always available for me. I just can’t say enough good things about him. Thank you Adam!
Review by Marianne

Practice Areas


Dissolution of Marriage, and Division of Assets and Debts

Mr. Schanz has extensive experience providing divorce representation, and he protects his clients whether their divorce is simple and uncontested…


Establishing parentage involves the determination of a parent’s rights and responsibilities, which include whether a parent will obtain legal and/or physical custody of a child…

Child Custody and Visitation

In any divorce, legal separation, or paternity case where children are involved, the legal and physical custody of the children must be determined…

Child Support

A determination of child support obligations for parents includes an analysis of two important issues: 1) each parent’s income; and 2) the amount of time the child spends with each parent…

Alimony/Spousal Support

The calculation of spousal support requires an analysis of many factors, including each spouse’s income and education, each spouse’s earning capacity, the duration of the marital relationship…

Prenuptial Agreements

The proper drafting of a Prenuptial Agreement requires an analysis of many important facts and details. There is considerable risk that a Prenuptial Agreement might be invalid or unenforceable if it is not properly prepared…

Post-Dissolution Modification Proceedings

Unfortunately, the issues arising out of a divorce or paternity case are not always complete and finalized. New facts and circumstances can arise that give rise to a modification of Court Orders…

Contempt Proceedings

Under California law, someone who possesses knowledge of a valid Court Order, and who has the ability to comply with its terms, becomes subject to contempt penalties if they refuse to comply…

Requests for Attorney's Fees and Costs

The issue of Attorney’s Fees and Costs in California Family Law can be very complicated. In some cases, a Court will order a higher-earning spouse or parent to pay the other side’s Attorney’s Fees and Costs…

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Attorney Schanz has been an excellent attorney and has exceeded my expectations. I have many lawyers and none have seem to care about my actual situation like he does. He has taken my finances into account and has been beyond fair with his billing! I will hire no one but him in the future and recommend him to anyone needing help in a domestic law situation.

Adam helped me with my case that I was attempting to handle myself (unsuccessfully). He helped me come to a good conclusion in dissolving a 20 year marriage. I work in the legal field and know a good lawyer when I see one. After one meeting, you will know that you can trust him. I highly recommend him.

Adam worked on a case for me several years back and his professionalism and work ethic were outstanding. He was a very good listener and handled my case with extreme care. Adam is smart, courteous and a great lawyer!