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Adam Schanz is the ideal family law attorney.  Adam takes the time to learn the facts of your case without over billing, and he is extremely knowledgeable about the underlying law and legal process.  He demonstrates great integrity inside and outside the courtroom while serving as an aggressive advocate.  Adam is not only an outstanding family law attorney but also a talented litigator with a keen knowledge of the rules of evidence.  Adam will try to avoid going to court, but if it becomes obvious the other side will not engage in good faith settlement discussions, he will use the legal process to bring your case to a swift resolution.  Reviews of other attorneys often mention that the client could finally feel secure handing over their cases.  With Adam, that statement is absolutely true.  Adam has shown true compassion and exceptional skill in terms of child custody issues and actually cares about the children involved and his clients.  He is equally adept in terms of financial issues.  Adam has earned the respect of judicial officers throughout Los Angeles County for his high quality representation, exceptional knowledge of the law, and character.  I highly recommend hiring Adam as your family law attorney.  He will be dedicated to your case and will help bring it to a fair and efficient resolution under the law.

Review by Client on May 10, 2018

Adam has been very good at mitigating issues throughout my case, he is a strong advocate for his clients. His interpersonal communicating style is uniquely calm, courteous and positive for a strong attorney. Absolutely excellent at child support issues. Adam is extremely thorough with documents and timelines and is always prepared in advance making the process a relief. Adam facilitates his entire firm in communicating well with their clients. He has been responsive and always available during my case and has been a wealth of knowledge. Great at explaining to me the unknown aspects of the process in a way I can understand easily. Throughout my case Adam has always worked extremely fast and efficiently and doesn’t eat up billing time unreasonably by doing so. He has always prepared and ahead of the ball during my case. Adam has a friendly demeanor and has always remained calm and positive at all times. Adam speaks clearly and concisely, sticking to the facts, making him excellent in the court room. He also doesn’t miss a beat and is always focused on the best outcome both in and out of the court room. Most importantly, I find Adam to be extremely trust worthy, which is difficult to find in an attorney. He has been a joy to work with.

Review by April on February 27, 2018

Adam was our first contact in a sea of lawyers who were either unable to be reached or wanted a hefty retainer to give any insight about anything. Adam is the most honorable person we have encoutered regarding our case. He is so genuine, reasonable, and well spoken. He pointed us in the right direction when we were completely lost and vulnerable.

Review by Anthony on November 29, 2017

I consulted Attorney Schanz regarding attorney fees that my daughter had incurred while trying to keep her ex from challenging and lowering her support payments. I knew I could turn to him and receive a fair and unbiased assessment of what was right and wrong. I would have hired Attorney Schanz in the first place if I could if my daughter hadn’t insisted on working with an attorney who had been a friend from High School. Adam reviewed legal documents on our behalf in a timely manner using out of office time to do so. THAT was really impressive. Attorney Schanz provided excellent analysis and advice and his comunication was timely and truly helpful. In working with Adam I have found him to be a sincere and caring professional. He is also most sympathetic and helpful when I consulted him about a friend of my son whose father refused to pay his college tuition even though it was part of his parents’ divorce settlement. If you hire Adam you will not be disappointed. If he is on your team you will be supported, given professional and accurate legal advice. He will not mislead you and you will be treated fairly and ethically. Apart from his sympathy and compassion he is also a great communicator which is often lacking from representatives in the legal profession.

Review by Mandy, on June 10, 2017

Adam Schanz was my custody lawyer who helped me get custody back of my 2 1/2 year old baby girl. He is professional, knowledgeable and timely with his emails/ texts as well as with all appearances he made with me in court (we went four times within 5 months!). Adam was the friend in my corner when things seemed lost. He was always a text away and i really appreciated that when situations became difficult. Adam has a calm composure at the court house and gave me a real sense of confidence every time we went to court. He fought hard for me to make sure that my daughter was going to have the ability to have a great a loving relationship with her father, without the controlling nature of her mother. I couldn’t be more excited to have my little girl home with me this coming weekend for the first time in almost a year. Thanks again Adam, this freedom is more than I have ever had as a father and i can’t wait to see what life brings my daughter and I.

Review by Dustin, on April 30, 2017

Adam Schanz has consistently delivered a delicate balance of fierce, witty, on point, thorough yet concise lawyering at every step of the process in my case. From the declarations that he has drafted to appearing in front of the judge, it has been a blessing to have him on my side. I would highly recommend his services.

Review by Client, on April 20, 2017

Our family presented Mr. Schanz with a time-sensitive case involving multiple restraining orders against an inmate ready to be released from a community correctional facility. Mr. Schanz communicated with California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Victim and Survivor Rights and Services, and Division of Adult Parole Operations to guarantee proper handling of our case and provide us with resourceful knowledge, all while maintaining our safety a top priority. Mr. Schanz succeeded in serving the inmate in prison, presenting us with a picture of the inmate, filing all family members’ restraining orders in a single county although different members lived in different counties, and obtained restraining orders without us having to appear in court. The lengthy and tailored paperwork for each family member was processed accurately and promptly. Mr. Schanz sustained a highly confident, professional and caring demeanor while working with a complex case. His availability whether in person, phone or email was impressive. Since our initial meeting he reassured us that he would personally be representing us at all court hearings, a promise that he kept throughout the process. There would be no one else we would trust to handle such sensitive and confidential information like Mr. Schanz. Mr. Schanz sets the benchmark as to how domestic legal matters should be handled in and out of the courtroom.

Review by Client, on April 9, 2017

Adam did a great job for me. He was fair and honest, and even kept the cost down. He also was always available for me. I just can’t say enough good things about him. Thank you Adam!

Review by Marianne, on December 28, 2016

Reasonably priced, responsive via text and email. Was patient with my questions and helped me figure out what was and wasn’t relevant information while we built a case together. I was unable to to keep him on as my lawyer but felt my experience with him helped me as I continued on my own. He was generous enough to allow me to continue to ask occasional questions as well.

Review by David, on November 23, 2016

We hired Adam to help my wife and I get our kids back from DCF. He always responded back to our emails, thought of different outcomes for our case, and stayed through it till the end. I don’t think we would of won our case without him. We are very thankful and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Review by Client, on November 11, 2016

Adam Schanz represented me in my divorce and I would highly recommend him. He responded quickly and thoughtfully to all questions and helped me reach a timely and fair settlement. He always made me feel like my case was important and responded to all of my concerns big and small. The process can be difficult and emotional but Adam’s experience and straight forward approach moved things forward and ensured a positive outcome was reached. Adam is an excellent choice for fair, skillful and honest representation.

Review by Client, on November 18, 2016

I met Adam while he was doing some pro bono work at our local courthouse. My divorce was unexpectedly being contested by my husband and I was floundering with what my course of action needed to be. Adam spent an hour with me and I immediately retained him for my counsel after our meeting. He seemed passionate about my case, and more than competent. He was consistently available by email, text or phone. I always got prompt responses. At the end of the day, my case had a lot of money on the line. Because of Adam’s expertise and guidance, the court ruled in my favor. I would work with Adam again in a heartbeat if I ever needed counsel! Amazing job!

Review by Client, on July 12, 2016

I have been profoundly impressed with Attorney Adam Schanz, and I highly recommend him. His sharpness, intellect, and vast experience is apparent in every aspect of Atty. Schanz’s work. Not only was he greatly successful in representing me, Attorney Schanz was a true pleasure to work with. He responded to all phone calls, texts and emails with great promptness, care and thoroughness. His care for humanity and justice consistently shines through in all his work. Thank you, Atty. Schanz for your dedication and fine work as an attorney.

Review by Client, on May 13, 2016

Adam helped me with my case that I was attempting to handle myself (unsuccessfully). He helped me come to a good conclusion in dissolving a 20 year marriage. I work in the legal field and know a good lawyer when I see one. After one meeting, you will know that you can trust him. I highly recommend him.

Review by Vaneta, on May 3, 2016

Adam worked on a case for me several years back and his professionalism and work ethic were outstanding. He was a very good listener and handled my case with extreme care. Adam is smart, courteous and a great lawyer!

Review by Client, on April 18, 2016

Attorney Schanz was my divorce attorney, entering my dissolution case near the culmination of a 3 year court proceeding against my ex-husband, a judge. This was a very bitter and contemptuous case involving a marriage of 41 years. Intense preparation was necessary to “catch up legally” and emotional stability and support were needed. Attorney Adam Schanz was very capable in all of the above challenges. Specifically: He traveled a great distance from Los Angeles to Orange County Courthouse and was always punctual and on time, looking very professionally dressed and willing to converse with me regarding any questions I had. He made me feel like I had to “friend who was on my side” after two previous attorneys who did not. I read some of his letters to the presiding Judge, and he was right on target with my main concerns and his writing was very eloquent and got right to the point legally. The one specific incident I will always remember is when Attorney Schanz volunteered to come to my home during a most heated property division and besides keeping a cool manner and being composed with chaos all around, he stopped the clock and stayed extra time without billing me, until the division had finished. This was beyond what was expected. He then called me the next day to see how I was doing. That was a very kind moment for me. I would highly recommend Attorney Schanz to anyone seeking a very qualified divorce attorney.

Review by Client, on April 16, 2016

After sitting down for consultations with a number of lawyers who specialize in family law I came across the profile of Mr.Schanz on the super lawyer web page. My case was extremely complicated and I asked if he would take me on as a client only days before a trial and he agreed with confidence and without hesitation. He worked diligently to catch up on the facts of the case before trial and I could tell unlike my prior attorney he actually cared about the outcome of the trial being in mine and my sons favor. I’ve learned the hard way that with family law having an attorney who actually cares can mean the difference between night and day with how they represent you. Mr. Schanz exceeded my expectations in every way and restored my belief that the right lawyer will fight passionately for me and my interests. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a referral and look forward to working with him again in the future if I ever need legal assistance again.

Review by Samantha, on April 16, 2016

Attorney Schanz has been an excellent attorney and has exceeded my expectations. I have many lawyers and none have seem to care about my actual situation like he does. He has taken my finances into account and has been beyond fair with his billing! I will hire no one but him in the future and recommend him to anyone needing help in a domestic law situation.

Review by Freddie, on April 16, 2016

Adam Schanz is a fantastic family law attorney. Mr. Schanz is not only very knowledgeable regarding the family law arena, but takes the time to respond to every issue arising out of what can be a very highly emotionally charged experience. Adam was instrumental in obtaining a quite favorable outcome in my case and confidently navigated the case from inception to settlement. He is professional and pragmatic; I recommend him highly.

Review by Jeff, on May 21, 2013

Adam is a very capable and conscientious lawyer with a wonderful ability to cut to the chase and get to the issues that are most important. I have been in court with my ex-wife for 7 years with three different lawyers and Adam has provided me by far with the best advice, best actions and best results for what has been a difficult situation. He knew what was best for me and my family and the result was best for all.

Review by Craig, on October 11, 2016

I had a family law issue that was unusual, and I contacted quite a few family law and elder law attorneys who I’d found online with quotes or articles about the issue central to my case. The bottom line was that none of them wanted to take it on, as it was not something they’d actually litigated before. Finally, an attorney I called, who had extremely impressive credentials, told me that while she wouldn’t take my case, she knew an attorney she thought might be interested. She referred me to Adam Schanz, and after speaking with him on the phone, we met and spent about an hour discussing my case. Although Adam told me he’d never litigated this particular issue before, he demonstrated a sound understanding of the various arguments and aspects of the case, and said he was eager to represent our side, as he strongly believed we were in the right.

The case was argued before two judges, and lasted several months. Adam was unfailingly diligent and caring, and remained supportive and optimistic even when things didn’t go exactly as we’d have wished. He argued our case with passion and vigor, both in written filings and in the courtroom. He was well prepared, and articulate, and able to think on his feet. He seemed well liked by both judges and was very comfortable in the courtroom.

The final result of our case was better than our most hopeful expectations. A total and complete victory, and vindication of our long held contentions regarding the law. Adam never wavered in his belief that this was the outcome we would achieve, and we were very grateful for his services.

I do not hesitate to recommend Adam as a family law attorney. We consider ourselves lucky to have found him.

Review by Reid

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